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production process of high fructose motlose broken rice syrup

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In addition, high maltose syrup is also used as a color stabilizer, fat absorbent, carbon source in beer brewing, bread baking, and fermentation of soft antibiotics. High-purity maltose can be made into a pharmaceutical injection instead of glucose, and it can also be made of isomalttooligosaccharide. It is a functional oligosaccharide that can promote the growth of bifidobacteria.
1. Starch milk preparation: the starch milk or dried starch from the starch factory is added to a certain amount of water to adjust its concentration to 31-34%, and the appropriate temperature and pH value are controlled, and then a certain amount of liquefaction enzyme is added, Then go to the next section.
2. Liquefaction: Pass the prepared starch milk through a high-pressure ejector and maintain it for a certain period of time to fully hydrolyze and liquefy the starch molecules.
3. Saccharification: After the liquefied material is adjusted to the temperature and pH, the reaction is kept for a certain period of time under the action of saccharifying enzyme to obtain the saccharified solution with the required DE value.
4. Filtration and decolorization: The saccharification solution is used to remove impurities such as proteins through a filter, and then activated carbon is added at an appropriate temperature for decolorization, and the activated carbon is removed with a filter.
5. Ion exchange: Use the ion exchange resin to exchange specific ions and the adsorption of organic matter to remove the salt in the sugar solution and impurities such as organic matter, so as to obtain a high-quality glucose solution.
6. Evaporation: Increase the concentration of glucose solution by evaporating the concentrated form.

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