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maintenance of mobile cassava wheat processing starch flour powder machines equipment finished proj

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Mobile cassava processing machine, cassava peeling machine
The mobile tool installed on the cassava peeling machine is equipped with power supply, and the water source takes water from the mobile processing place. In this way, the mobile cassava peeling machine can provide customers with cassava peeling business at any place.
  The main equipment required for mobile cassava starch equipment: washing machine, crushing machine, crusher, pulp residue separator, power supply, truck, etc. The mobile cassava starch equipment has excellent technology, compact layout, small footprint, less labor, labor intensity Small and highly automated. The semi-automatic starch processing process can be understood as a manual + mechanical way to process starch together. After mechanical cleaning, crushing and filtering, the sweet potato is selected in the pulp residue separation and dehydration drying section, and the sedimentation tank process is selected for the separation of non-starch substances. This semi-automatic processing technology eliminates the three processing equipments of cyclone station, dehydrator and airflow drying, which greatly reduces the production cost and is the most commonly used processing method for small and medium-sized starch processing users.
  Mobile cassava flour production line: cassava peeling washing machine, cassava crushing machine, cassava crusher, etc. This is a simple cassava flour processing equipment, these machines can be matched with mobile devices, simple processing, high efficiency, flexible movement, cassava flour Mainly food raw materials.
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