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i need cassava processing machinery for sale-henan doing company cassava processing starch flour mac

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doing is an intermediary company, they operate a lot of products, what machines customers need, and then they look for machine manufacturers in China,
We are professional cassava machine processing machine, cassava starch complete machine and cassava flour complete machine are our main machines, we serve 30
Many countries provide perfect cassava processing machines to improve the perfect cassava starch production line for customers.
Cassava starch production line
Product advantages:
  Using Europe to optimize and improve the design, product quality can reach a higher level, cost-effective, product quality, energy saving, operation
Simple operation and good system stability. The newly developed remote monitoring system can perform timely online remote monitoring of the global starch factory to optimize the system
Cassava: starch: 28%, fiber: 3%, protein: 1.8%, ash: 0.8%, moisture: 68%
Cassava flour production line
   Kaifeng Sida Agricultural Products Equipment Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the production and processing of potatoes for decades, and the production technology for potato powder has been put on the market
Field and was widely praised.
  The process includes raw material receiving, stone removal cleaning, file grinding, sand removal, emulsion dehydration, backfill airflow drying and packaging.
  In this process, each section of the process is connected to each other, which can realize automatic production. At the same time, fresh potatoes can be quickly processed into whole powder with a moisture content of 12%,
In addition to the advantages of less water, less waste, wide use, and environmental protection during processing, it also has a low cell breakage rate to ensure its high
The nutritional value, short processing cycle, less loss of nutrients and other advantages.

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