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evaluation of cassava processing starch machine in lagos from agro africa-wet cassava processing mac

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Evaluation of Cassava Starch Processing Machine
The chemical composition of cassava roots, stems and leaves and their nutritional value For a long time, the meat of cassava roots is the main object of people's use, and a large number of cassava
Potato skins, cassava stems and leaves are discarded. In recent years, with the further study of cassava stem and leaf, potato skin chemistry and other components by scholars at home and abroad, it has been found that cassava
The stems and leaves also contain proteins, amino acids, vitamins, sugars and other compounds.
Edible cassava root is rich in starch and is an important raw material for many pharmaceutical and food industries. It is also an important raw material for the development of biomass sources.
There are more than 2,000 products. The cassava root fresh starch content is generally 24%-32%, the dry starch content is about 73%-83%, and there are branches in cassava starch
There are two forms of amylose and amylose, of which amylose accounts for about 17% and amylopectin accounts for 83%. Starch is the main carbohydrate in cassava.
The important energy substance is better than corn and beans. The protein content in tapioca starch is 0.1% (the protein content in corn starch is 0.35%);
The starch of potato has low impurity content, low gelatinization temperature (its gelatinization temperature is 52-64℃, 8-10℃ lower than that of corn starch), high
Excellent characteristics such as viscosity, stable and transparent paste, excellent film-forming properties, and strong permeability. Wei Yan et al. successively dealt with 9 cassava roots in cassava resources
Analysis of the nutritional composition of meat and cassava skin, it was found that in addition to cassava meat contains a lot of crude starch, cassava skin also contains a higher content of crude starch
 . Zhu et al. analyzed the cassava stalks and found that the dried cassava stalks contained 22%-39% crude starch. Protein is more abundant in cassava root
The protein content of fresh root tuber samples is only 0.4%-1.5%, and it is 1%-3% in dry cassava. However, it has been reported that a protein content of around 10% has been cultivated
The right variety. The study found that cassava potato skin contains richer crude protein, its content is 2.4-6.7 times that of potato meat, therefore, should be strengthened
The use of cassava skin improves the added value of cassava.
Processing starch requirements for cassava starch
No odor: Cassava starch has no peculiar smell and is suitable for products requiring fine tune adjustment, such as food and cosmetics.
Plain taste: tapioca starch has no taste and no aftertaste (such as corn), so it is more suitable for products that require refined seasoning, such as cloth
Ding, cakes and stuffed heart cake stuffing, etc.
Clear paste: The paste formed by tapioca starch cooking is clear and transparent, suitable for tinting with pigments. This characteristic is used for high-grade paper for tapioca starch
Zhang's sizing is also important.

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