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photos of fresh cassava processing machinery for starch pdf in ghana-local cassava processing flour

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Cassava starch processing technology: cassava-cleaning-crushing-starch extraction-slurry separation-fine filtration and sand removal-juice removal-concentrated refining-dehydration-drying
Cassava flour processing machine pictures
Cassava flour processing technology:
A processing method of cassava flour includes raw material receiving and removing impurities, raw material cleaning and peeling, crushing and sand removal, dehydration, drying, packaging, after dehydration process
There is a aging process, which includes the dehydration of cassava flour to be cooked.
It also includes a press dehydration fermentation process. After the cassava raw material is crushed and desilted, the potato slurry slurry is dehydrated and pressed by a filter press. After dehydration, a filter cake is formed and filtered.
The cake is transported to the corresponding fermentation tank through the distribution belt conveyor for fermentation.
After fermentation, the filter cake is crushed and broken into powder by a crusher, and then sent to the corresponding wok for frying through the distribution belt.

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