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Tapioca starch is a powder obtained by dehydrating and drying cassava after starch extraction. There are two main types of tapioca starch, raw starch and various modified starches.
Used in food industry and non-food industry. Modified starch can be customized according to the specific requirements put forward by users to be suitable for special purposes. Traditional cassava
The powder processing technology includes: cassava-cleaning-crushing-starch extraction-slurry separation-fine filtration and sand removal-juice removal-concentrated refining-dehydration-drying.
The cassava powder produced by this process is raw powder, and it needs to be further cooked before consumption.
This yellow pulp water should be high-concentration organic wastewater, which must be treated by anaerobic method, combined with physical treatment methods such as the previous grid, and then added
Get aerobic treatment.
If the sewage is not allowed, can it be connected to the local drainage pipe network, after the sewage is simply treated, it is discharged to the local sewage treatment
Plant treatment; if it still does not work, you can negotiate with other factories nearby, can you buy them the water that has been treated by tertiary treatment?
; Use the water by yourself if it doesn't work. You should be able to wash the cassava. . .
In this case, you can consult the local environmental protection bureau.

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