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Cassava slice production line

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We provide a full-automatic cassava chip processing production line for sweet potatoes and cassava with automatic drying function.
The potato peeling and slicing production line is composed of a drum-screen peeling machine, a disc peeling machine and a conveyor. It can remove cassava, sweet potato, taro, pueraria lobata, soil rhizome and other agricultural and sideline products by removing impurities, removing sand, peeling and breaking roots. slice. The production line is clean and can remove most of the cassava skin. The thickness of the slice can be adjusted. The efficiency of the slice is high, the operation is convenient, and the energy consumption is low. It is an ideal equipment for the processing of agricultural products.
 1. Cleaning system: The first-time cleaning system is also called a cleaning rotary cage or a drum-type cleaning machine, which is mainly used for cleaning sand, skin, mud, debris, etc. There are two valve outlets at the bottom of the valve. All impurities are accumulated at the valve outlet to facilitate regular cleaning.
2. Cassava peeling machine, cassava peeling adopts steel brush cassava peeling machine, the cassava peeling effect is more than 95%, and the cassava peeling effect can be completely achieved
3. Cassava slicing system: The slicing machine adopts stainless steel cutter, which has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, easy adjustment, convenient maintenance, low noise, high output and high efficiency. The cutting blade adopts imported blades, with high working efficiency, accurate material control, adjustable slice thickness, which can replace manual slices to different degrees, the cut products are neat, uniform in thickness, and the quality is far more than manual.
4. Cassava chips drying: Cassava chips drying, we use a mesh belt dryer
Product parameters
Model MSU-PC100 Drum diameter (mm) 1000
Power (kw/V) 4.0KW/380 Drum length (mm) 3500
Processing capacity (t/h) ≤5 Feeding height (mm) 900
Weight (Kg) 945 Dimensions 1780×1100×1730
Product parameters of disc slicer
Model MSU-PC cutter head diameter (mm) 1000
Power (kw/V) 4.0KW/380 Slice thickness (mm) 8-25
Processing capacity (t/h) ≤5 Discharge height (mm) 1200
Weight (Kg) 650 Dimensions 1780×1100×1730

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