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Automatic Ready to eat Convenience fresh potato starch Vermicelli processing machine

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The production of the sixth-generation 6SF series crystal vermicelli (strip) production line, from starch entering the machine to finished vermicelli out of the machine, is fully enclosed and fully automated. The entire production process does not use any additives (alum), preservatives and food coloring, no Pollution, pollution-free, fully embody the production concept of green, environmental protection, nature, safety, high quality and nutrition. Various types of crystal fans can be produced according to different production areas, different market needs, and different consumer groups. The shape is the same, the color is uniform, the crystal is translucent, clean and hygienic, easy to store, and then transported. It is resistant to boiling and bubbling, and has a delicious taste. It is a nutritious food, green food, safe food and safe food that people pursue. During the production process, the equipment is not affected by weather and season. The yield rate is as high as 95%. The equipment runs at a low speed and the line speed is around (3.5m/min), so the operation is convenient and safe. Through the actual application in the production process, the machine has increased its output by more than 25% compared with similar products on the market without increasing the original size and ensuring product quality.
Third, the industry's leading technology, energy-saving, fully automated advantages
  1. Fully automatic vacuuming process, the brightness of the product is increased, the air bubble is reduced, and it is resistant to boiling and boiling.
  2. The stainless steel paste scraper is formed to reduce the thickness error and ensure that the thickness of the product is completely controllable.
  3. The steel belt is driven by a full chain, which improves the flatness of the service life of the steel belt and the mesh belt (driven by the conveyor belt) and the flatness of the powder belt.
  4. The aging uses a normal temperature closed brake constant temperature and humidity natural aging automatically transferred to the low temperature aging system.
  5. The drying box adopts multi-layer drying, the heat utilization rate is improved, and the waste heat reuse device of the steam heat exchanger is added, so it is more energy-saving.
  6. From the raw material into the machine to the finished fan out of the machine, all are closed and programmed to operate.
  7. No pollution during production, meeting environmental protection and sanitation requirements.
  8. Process flow: preheating → spiral stirring (constant temperature storage) → vacuum stirring → scraper blanking molding → steaming (steam) → cooling → disengagement → normal temperature aging → low temperature aging (cold storage) → vertical cutting wire → large low temperature Air volume setting and drying → cooling (entering cold air) → fixed length cross cutting → packaging.
4. 6SF series crystal fan machine parameter table
V. Project profit analysis: (Take the 15-ton crystal vermicelli production line as an example)
  1. Personnel: 5 people/shift, two shifts, 5 people×2 shifts×80 yuan/person ÷15 tons=67 yuan per ton labor cost, 190 yuan per ton packaging cost, a total of 247 yuan
  2. Electricity cost: installed capacity 120kwh, boiler 27kwh, electricity consumption per hour (120+27)×24 hours×0.75 yuan/kw÷15 tons=176.4 yuan
  3. Natural gas consumption: the use of steam 2.0T/h needs to be equipped with 4T boilers with daily combustion of 2500 cubic meters of natural gas, 2.9 yuan/square per natural gas, and the amount is 2500×2.9÷15=483.3 yuan
  4. Water volume: 2T/h, water fee 5 yuan/ton, 2×24×5÷15=16 yuan
  5. Direct production cost: 247 yuan (labor) + 176.4 yuan (electricity) + 483.3 yuan (natural gas) + 16 yuan (water) = 922.7 yuan
  6. Profit: direct production cost plus raw material cost and packaging material cost is the product comprehensive cost, and other expenses (depreciation, bank interest, sales expenses, taxes, etc. are calculated according to their local conditions).
6. Infrastructure requirements:
  1. Plant design: (minimum required size)

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