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making sweet potato starch vermicelli production machine

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The crystal vermicelli production line is the leading product of Kaifeng Sida. Its obvious advantages include: the realization of automatic and closed operation of vermicelli vermicelli production, the use of coating and paste steaming straight cutting process, no alum, no addition, no discharge and no waste water. The equipment comes with low-temperature aging and high-air-volume drying links. There is no need to build another cold storage and no drying room. The starch is fed into the machine and the dry powder is discharged for 3 hours. Under the strict implementation of the Environmental Protection Law and Food Safety Law, it is engaged in the scale-up of vermicelli noodles
The crystal vermicelli production line is compatible with the frequency conversion speed regulation of the seventh-generation vermicelli vermicelli production line. Spiral agitation replaces the frame agitation. It has fast response speed, high control accuracy, live switching mode, good power saving efficiency, stable operation performance, less equipment failure, and use. In addition to the characteristics of long life, the cold storage is widened and extended, and the aging time is increased; the height of the oven is increased, the number of drying layers is increased, the drying time is extended, and the technical upgrade greatly improves the production capacity of the product, from the original daily output of 8 tons to 12 tons , The return on profits is very significant.
,pre-sale service:
A. Provide plant design plan and equipment layout plan drawings and old plant transformation plan;
B. There are branches and food branches under the company for customers to inspect intuitively. Customers can also bring the materials on-site for testing.
Second, after-sales service:
The company has 86 professional installation and maintenance technicians, installs and debugs the equipment purchased by users, and trains technical operators at the user's site free of charge to achieve independent operation. Baojiao teaches various production technology formulas, and implements equipment, technology, technology, and tracking services; equipment is guaranteed for one year, lifetime service, and consignment agency.
1. Automatic Crystal Vermicelli Vermicelli Production Line
     Process flow: preheating → spiral stirring (constant temperature storage) → vacuum stirring → scraper blanking molding → steaming (steam) → cooling → disengagement → normal temperature aging → low temperature aging (cold storage) → vertical wire cutting → low temperature and large air volume setting Drying → cooling (entering cold air) → fixed length cross cutting → packaging.
Second, the industry's leading technology, energy-saving, fully automated advantages
  1. Fully automatic vacuuming process, the brightness of the product is increased, the air bubble is reduced, and it is resistant to boiling and boiling.
  2. The stainless steel paste scraper is formed to reduce the thickness error and ensure that the thickness of the product is completely controllable.
  3. The steel belt is driven by a full chain, which improves the flatness of the service life of the steel belt and the mesh belt (driven by the conveyor belt) and the flatness of the powder belt.
  4. The aging uses a normal temperature closed brake constant temperature and humidity natural aging automatically transferred to the low temperature aging system.
  5. The drying box adopts multi-layer drying, the heat utilization rate is improved, and the waste heat reuse device of the steam heat exchanger is added, so it is more energy-saving.
  6. From the raw material into the machine to the finished fan out of the machine, all are closed and programmed to operate.
  7. No pollution during production, meeting environmental protection and sanitation requirements.

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