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sweet potato starch processing machine

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Deep processing of sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes are extracted from starch, starch can not only be made into vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli, convenient bowl of vermicelli, but also can be used in sugar and wine, alcohol, and medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries, and now the market is also With the continuous expansion of the use of starch, the use is becoming more and more extensive, and the amount is also increasing. The sweet potato deep processing has low investment, low risk, large demand, high profit, and can be extended to the industrial chain. This makes the sweet potato starch more The prospect of production is getting wider and wider, and more and more users are concerned about investing in the deep processing of sweet potatoes.
Sweet potato starch processing equipment
The sweet potato starch production equipment differs from place to place in terms of dialects and geographical names, and the understanding varies from place to place. Many newcomers are easily confused. Some thought that the sweet potato starch production equipment started from starch --- vermicelli mechanical equipment; some thought that sweet potato starch production equipment started from the cleaning of fresh sweet potato --- starch machinery and equipment;
Popularization concept: Sweet potato starch production equipment is a combination of starch extraction equipment that replaces traditional manual operations and uses mechanized means to improve production efficiency and process sweet potatoes to produce starch.
There are two common processes of sweet potato starch production equipment, one is cyclone type and one is settling tank type. The degree of automation is the main factor affecting the investment price of equipment.
The production process of the sweet potato starch processing equipment process in the sedimentation tank: cleaning and feeding-crushing and beating-separation of pulp and dregs-sedimentation in the sedimentation tank-dehydration-bag draining-natural drying
Technological process of cyclone sweet potato starch processing equipment: fresh potato (screw conveyor) → cleaning (washing machine) → crushing (crusher) → slurry separation (pressure curved screen or centrifugal screen, horizontal screen) → powder water → sand removal (Desander)→Secondary filtration (refined pulp machine)→Sedimentation treatment→dehydration (centrifuge or vacuum dehydration machine)→drying (airflow dryer), the whole process from fresh sweet potato to dry starch into machine It takes 40 minutes.
Automated or semi-automated cassava, sweet potato, potato, plantain, pea, corn starch production line
Output specifications:
150-200KG (all refer to the output of starch per hour, according to the example of sweet potato about 1T sweet potato, starch content 25-30%)
250-300KG, (about 1-1.5T)
400-500KG, (about 2T)
750-800KG, (about 2.5-3T)
1000KG, (about 3.5-4T)
1500KG, (about 5.5-6T)
2000KG (about 7-8T)
Production line: raw material---conveyor---washing machine-automatic conveying and feeding system----pulverizer-----sand removal----
Screening unit-----Starch juice separation system------Starch purification system---Automatic dehydration system-----
Drying system-packaging system
It can realize one-stop production from potato washing to starch drying. The specific features are as follows:
1. Sophisticated technology, beautiful shape and compact layout;
2. Small footprint;
3. Less labor, less labor intensity, high degree of automation, one-stop production from potato washing to drying;
4. Low energy consumption, water saving, electricity saving and low processing cost;
5. High purification rate: cleaning with squirrel cages to effectively ensure that the potato pieces are not damaged and starch is not lost;
6. The starch quality is high, reaching the food grade standard (four levels of sand removal, secondary filtration, secondary purification);
7. Multi-function, can be applied to: potato, sweet potato, plantain, cassava, pueraria root, lotus root and other starch production;
8. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.
1. Pre-sale service:
A. Provide plant design plan and equipment layout plan drawings and old plant transformation plan;
B. There are branches and food branches under the company for customers to inspect intuitively. Customers can also bring the materials on-site for testing.
Second, after-sales service:
The company has 86 professional installation and maintenance technicians, installs and debugs the equipment purchased by users, and trains technical operators at the user's site free of charge to achieve independent operation. Baojiao teaches various production technology formulas, and implements equipment, technology, technology, and tracking services; equipment is guaranteed for one year, lifetime service, and consignment agency.

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