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Steam air dryer

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Steam air dryer
Steam air dryer:
Steam air dryer is the drying equipment used to dry maize starch, potato starch and other starch material processed by wet method after dewatering process. It is also used to dry heat sensitive powder or slice state material with fast 
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Steam air dryer working principle:
In the steam air dryer, high-speed hot air stream sustain raw material in the suspending state, then the material is dried through heat exchange. Since air stream speed is very high, and material is suspending in air stream, the heat 
transfer surface between air and solid is large, heat transfer rate is high, and drying time is short (usually within 2-3 seconds). It is peculiarly suitable for to dry heat sensitive material. Dry starch is discharged though cyclone 
separator and star shape dust remover. Exhaust air is let out into atmosphere.
Introduction of cassava flash dryer:
Drying process is the last procedure for flour or starch production. Cassava flash dryer manufactured by DOING adopts new technology, which apply flash vaporization drying principle to save steam consumption and prevent gelatinization.
The working sequences of cassava flash dryer is as follows:
(1) Wet material is fed into the drying tube by conveyor and mixed with hot air, then divided into two suspensions and moving forward with high speed. The two suspension materials collides and enters into the fan after damped vibration
(one part of cassava flash dryer). Bonded particles in wet starch get smaller after collision, vibration and fan crushing refinement, with increases specific surface area of materials so as to improve thermal efficiency, making free 
water vaporized quickly.
(2) Material is discharged into the vortex chamber of cassava flash dryer by the fan. After crushed by agitator, material would be sent forward. Wet material with relatively high humility and large gravity rotates along the outer wall at 
high speed, increasing the relative speed, enhancing heat transfer effect, and improving volumetric heat transfer coefficient. As a result, qualified material with appropriate water content would be discharged from center outlet.
(3) Material discharged from vortex chamber enters the first stage cyclone of cassava flash dryer, and dry starch goes into classification screen from bottom outlet, to be measured and packed. Other material with small amount light 
powder would enter the second stage cyclone for recycling, while wet air is discharged into atmosphere.
Performance characteristics of cassava flash dryer:
1) Short drying time, drying time is in commonly 1 ~ 2 seconds
2) Cassava flash dryer has a protective effect for the material, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials.
3) High thermal efficiency, the drying time is short.
4) High output, large precipitation range.
5) Equipment is simple, cover an area of small, small investment.
6) Hot air source of cassava flash dryer: oil burner, gas type, coal-fired stove, steam heat exchanger.
Description of flash dryer:
1. Flash dryer is the most modern drying equipment for power drying recently.
2. By using the principle of airstream flash drying, flash dryer has the advantages of large dry intensity, short time, low energy consumption, low temperature, friendly operation, good quality.
3. Starch or flour dried by flash dryer has feature of high quality, high fineness, stable water content, low pollution, clean and hygiene.
4. Flash dryer is suitable to other material drying, such as heat sensitivity and stickiness materials.
Features of flash dryer:
1.Use the branch of pulse line to change size in order to change the airstream speed, and make overall heat transfer coefficient high to continuous dry large material.
2.Material drying time short, tail gas temperature less than 55℃, with high drying speed.
3. Whole flash dryer adopts the negative pressure drying, working environment clear and no pollution.
4. Simple structure easy operation, no wearing parts.
The application of steam air dryer:
1. Sweet potato starch production line
2. Potato starch production line
3. Cassava starch production line
4. Corn starch production line
5. Wheat starch production line
6. Rice starch production line

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