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Starch dryer-Air dryer

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Starch dryer-Air dryer-Starch drying machine
Working principle of starch dryer machine:
The starch dryer is designed by the theories of air-stream crash and vortex vaporization dry.
After the starch and hot air mix up in the drying tube,the starch dryer will make them separated and go ahead at the same time, then meet. The starch pellets of ari-stream penetrate in the wind-stream bacause of inertia, which gradually decelerates in a certain distance and accelerates along the opposite direction and penetrates the orginal jet flow. After several damped vibrations, they deviate from the crash zone and flow out directly from starch dryer.
Starch dryer Air dryer cassava flour machine
Advantages of starch dryer:
a. Large heat transfer area, quick drying speed
b. High heat transfer coefficient of starch dryer reduce drying time
c. Uniform and stable moisture content ensures long time storage and long distance  transportation
d. Technical parameters of starch dryer is strictly contalled based on theoretical calculation, thus index of starch after drying can meet standards
e. Convenient operation, easy maintenance, low energy consumption.
Usage of air dryer:
Air dryer is widely applied in the fields of requiring fast drying and heat sensitive powder or slice material such as corn starch, wheat starch, potato starch, cassava starch, protein flour, rice bran, calcium carbonate, diatomite, colophony, paint, glucose, sawdust, ferric oxide, aluminum hydroxide and residuals like filtrate cake which is not too much powder in light industry, chemical industry and foodstuff, etc.
Working principle of air dryer:
Sludge, powder and granular material are in the state of suspension under the effect of high-speed hot air. Air flow speed is high, the material particles suspended in air dryer, the heat transfer surface and heat transfer coefficient of gas-solid is high, and drying time is short (most of the dry material only a few seconds), it is particularly suitable for drying of heat sensitive materials.
During the air drying process, clean cold air is heated by the air heater and mixed with the wet starch delivred by the transport auger feeder, and the wet starch is instantly dried. Dry starch cyclone dischargs auger off air control exhaust, emissions into the atmosphere by the fan.
The air dryer can be controlled, both manual and automatic operation. When air dryer is operated by automatic control, the exhaust gas temperature of automatic measure by water controlled will send back the signal to the previous feeding adjustable motor. By this way, the feeding capacity of air dryer can be controlled. Also the output moisture content will be ensured.
Festures of air dryer:
1. Using air instant drying principle, with the characteristics of high drying intensity
2. Short drying time, low steam consumption and fast dewatering
3. High thermal efficiency of air dryer and excellent quality of dried products
4. High drying intensity and strong dewatering ability
5. Simple structure of air dryer, small area occupied and low investment
6. Negative pressure environment, clean and no pollution
Starch drying machine intoduction:
Grain starch can be stored for years if dried to a proper moisture content as their parent grain by starch drying machine. Most commercial starches like cornstarch and cassava starch are dried to 12% - 15% moisture.
In the wet method of  starch produciton, starch flash dryer is used for dry wet starch after the purified starch slurry dewatering. The wet starch is dried by starch drying machine to desired moisture content before stock so as to extent starch storage time. The starch drying machine use hot air remove the excess mositure inside the wet starch to get quality dry starch.
Starch flash dryer structure:
Starch flash dryer is composed of a blower, a heater, a air distributor, a stirrer, a screw feedinga sorter, drier, a set of cyclone separator, a star shaped dust remover, a cloth bag dust remover and a induced draft blower. This starch flash dryer is especially suitable for handling the wet materials with high moisture content and the materials that cannot be dried by other drying methods.
The application of starch drying machine :
1. Sweet potato starch production line
2. Potato starch production line
3. Cassava starch production line
4. Corn starch production line
5. Wheat starch production line
6. Sago starch production line
7. Yam processing line
8. Tapioca production line

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