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Starch drying machinery

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Starch drying machinery-Air flow dryer machine-Corn starch drying equipment-
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Working principle of starch drying machinery:
Starch drying machinery is also known as starch flash dryer which is suitable for drying various of starch. The hot air tangentially enters the bottom of the starch drying machinery and is driven by the agitator to form a powerful 
rotating wind field. The block material enters the dryer by the screw feeder. Under the strong action of the high-speed rotating, the material is dispersed by the impact and friction force. The block material is rapidly pulverized, fully 
contacted with hot air and heated, dried by starch drying machinery. The dried material after dehydration rises with the hot air flow, and is recovered by the cyclone separator and the dust remover. The undried or bulk material is 
subjected to centrifugal force to the wall of the vessel, and is again pulverized and dried by falling to the bottom of starch drying machinery.
Starch drying machinery performance characteristics:
1. Large drying strength, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.
2. Compact structure, small size, high production efficiency, continuous production, thus realize "small equipment, large production".
3. Starch drying machinery combines swirling, pulverizing and drying techniques into one which is high efficient and good effect.
4. Negative pressure or micro-negative pressure operation, good airtightness, high efficiency and elimination of environmental pollution.
5. The material has a short residence time in starch drying machinery and good finished product quality, which can be used for drying heat sensitive materials.
Introduction of air flow dryer machine:
Air flow dryer machine is independent researched and developed by Doing Company, which is our latest invetion patented product. Air flow dryer machine is designed by combing air steam with flash vaporization dry two dry theries. It is 
suitable for drying all kinds of powder materials.
When using air flow dryer machine, the following should be noted:
1. Lubrication must be lubricated to air flow dryer machine before use.
2. When the dryer is put into use, it must be properly adjusted to supply sufficient steam of high quality to allow the dryer to fully utilize its capabilities.
Features of air flow dryer machine:
1. High efficiency, low material retention time, large handling capacity.
2. High heat exchange rate, fast drying, stable operation.
3. Negative pressure system reduces material loss and ensures clean environment.
4. Stainless steel is adopted for inner part of air flow flash dryer, thus dried material will not be polluted.
Corn starch drying equipment working principle:
Airflow corn starch drying equipment can quickly remove moisture (mainly surface moisture) from corn starch cake. After entering the intensifier through the screw feeder, the wet corn starch is thoroughly mixed with the hot air stream. 
Under the rapid rotation of the knife, the material is It is broken into fine particles, moves to the outlet while drying, and finally enters the drying tube under the attraction of the wind, and is further uniformly dried. Wet heavy 
particles that cannot be attracted by the wind continue to be crushed and dried until they can be sucked up by the wind into the drying tube. In airflow drying, the quality of the dried product is optimally controlled due to the short 
residence time of the material in the dryer.
Characteristics of corn starch drying equipment:
1. All the parts of corn starch drying equipment is made of stainless steel material;
2 The starch drying equipment features with high drying strength, large capacity, fast drying. Inaddition, the drying temperature does not affect the starch color;
3. The corn starch drying equipment with dedicated cyclone separator, which is high separation efficiency, long life, in line with national health standards;
4. Easy cleaning internal structure, ease for maintenance and repairement;
5. The corn starch drying equipment is low steam consumption, assigned full set of temperature sensors, keep abreast of equipment operation;
6. Optional intelligent control system is designed for this corn starch drying equipment, including temperature monitoring, moisture monitoring, automatic valve, etc., which can keep monitoring the quality of products according to client 

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