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Installation of potato starch processing plant in India

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Installation of potato starch processing plant in India
In 2018, a potato starch processing plant was installed in India, and now the Indian potato starch processing plant has been successfully operated.
At present, potato starch processing plants have successfully exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.
In 2017, his client first contacted us through our website and he told us that he wanted to invest in a potato starch processing plant in India. Our project manager was not olny to explain to him the whole process of potato starch processing in detail, but also showed them photos of potato starch machines and videos of some of our project equipment operation. The whole discussion about the potato starch processing plant, processing technology, machine details, etc. deeply attracted customers.
After plant strengthening, equipment configuration, process rationality, potato starch output, machine quality and other aspects, the Indian customer finally chose to cooperate
Within one month, Indian customers visited our factory, visited the operating machines of the Chinese potato starch processing plant, and discussed the potato starch processing plant project in detail with our team of engineers. Finally, we were in September 2017 The contract was signed on the 10th. The customer only arranges payment within a week. Then, we began to arrange the manufacturing and delivery of the order.
One month later, arrangements were made to deliver equipment for the Indian potato starch processing plant. This is a photo of the equipment delivered:
After the Spring Festival of 2018, engineers were sent to start the installation of the potato starch processing plant in India. Then we carried out project debugging. During the installation and debugging work, our engineers encountered different problems, such as adjusting the feed of raw materials, the extraction rate of potato starch, and the final moisture control of potato starch. After several tests and debugging, we Our engineers finally produced the potato starch index to meet the customer's requirements, and it took about 2 months of our engineers in total.

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