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Installed a 20TPH tapioca starch processing plant in Indonesia

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Installed a 20TPH tapioca starch processing plant in Indonesia
In March 2018, the tapioca starch processing plant project in Indonesia was successfully completed. The project started in 2017 and lasted nearly a year. Now the tapioca starch processing plant has been successfully put into production, which has brought many economic benefits to customers.
Project background: Indonesia is the fourth largest cassava growing country in the world. Most cassava tubers are mainly used in the food and cassava starch industry. As an important agricultural product in Indonesia, cassava is increasingly supporting the cassava industry. Due to increasing local and international demand, tapioca starch has strong growth potential. In the context of market demand and government support, Indonesian customers chose tapioca starch processing plants as their business. However, the equipment processing industry in Indonesia has not yet developed, so customers choose to purchase tapioca starch processing equipment and choose manufacturers that can undertake tapioca starch processing plant projects abroad.
Customers contacted us through our website around April 2017. He attaches great importance to the company's processing strength and project installation experience, equipment prices and other factors. After learning that our company has a project in Tanzania, Nigeria, and we have our own equipment processing plant and tapioca starch engineer, the customer decided to visit our company.
After coming to the company, our engineers and sales managers first introduced them the complete set of cassava starch processing equipment, equipment pictures, factory pictures, project pictures, equipment operation videos, etc. Before deciding to establish a cassava starch processing plant, the customer also had a certain understanding of the starch process. Our engineer introduced to him our tapioca starch processing technology in detail, and compared our technology with the advanced technology in Europe. Our starch processing technology will not lose European technology, and the equipment is a combination of international advanced technology and decades of experience of engineers. Customers are very satisfied with our craftsmanship and professional level of engineers. They not only went to our factory to see the equipment, but also visited our potato starch factory project in China. After many comparisons, the client decided to cooperate with us.
According to customer requirements, the tapioca starch processing equipment was completed in October 2017. All equipment is packaged, transported and embarked in accordance with the contract list, and will be sent to Indonesia at the end of December.
In January, we sent engineers to Indonesia to install and debug equipment.
In February, the engineer went to the Indonesian tapioca starch processing plant again to confirm the detailed information of the equipment, and tested the machine to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment, and to guide the operation skills of the plant operator. By March, the cassava starch production line was successfully put into operation.
 Manufacturer of tapioca starch processing equipment. In terms of equipment, we can select wear-resistant and durable materials to produce equipment that meets customer requirements according to the customer's budget and actual production requirements. In addition, we can provide customers with large, medium and small-scale cassava starch processing plant projects. We will fully consider the equipment operating cost, processing technology, energy consumption, water consumption and other details to customize the cassava starch processing plant project for customers. The configuration, high production efficiency and good quality of finished products. If you want to engage in tapioca starch processing plant projects, please contact us.
Tapioca starch processing plants are very popular in Africa. Ghana is one of the major cassava growing and producing countries in the world. Our Ghanaian customer purchased our 30 tons/day tapioca starch processing plant in October 2017. The plant has now been installed and is now in production. This is the introduction of the Ghana tapioca starch factory project.
The processing capacity of this cassava starch factory is 30 tons per day, working 8 hours per day, all equipment and technical services provided by our company. Its construction began in early 2018, and all equipment of the cassava starch factory was successfully tested once. The production of tapioca starch has now begun.

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