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project of cassava starch production line of Nigerian cassava processing plant in Nigeria

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project of cassava starch production line of Nigerian cassava processing plant in Nigeria
Most of the customers for the cassava starch production line project are from Nigeria. When we asked the customer why he chose to be the supplier of cassava starch processing machine. The customer replied that cassava starch production is a very good project in Nigeria. There are many cassava starch processing businesses, therefore, the cassava starch production business is very competitive in Nigeria. Only an efficient cassava starch processing machine can give him an advantage in the cassava starch industry.
indeed so. Since joining the cassava starch processing industry, we have been committed to the research and innovation of cassava starch processing machines. Therefore, we can lead the industry with advanced production technology and provide customers with cassava starch processing machines that are superior to peers.
This time, the customer came to the Chinese factory from Nigeria. After visiting the production process and prototype of our cassava starch processing machine, the customer decided to sign a contract with us to purchase cassava starch production line equipment.
In this order, the customer purchased a fully automatic, large-capacity cassava starch production line from us, including dry screens, paddle washing machines, cassava cutters, sharpeners, centrifugal screens, fine fiber screens, disc separators, and hydrocyclones. Flow device, vacuum filter, flash dryer and vibrating screen.
The cassava starch production line has the characteristics of fast production speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and convenient installation and maintenance. From dry sieve cleaning cassava to cassava starch packaging, the entire cassava starch production process only takes about 15 minutes.
Last year, in early October 2017, a customer from South Africa came to our factory to visit the cassava processing plant. They want the cassava starch processing plant to produce 20 tons per day. The following are photos of this customer's visit. The machine in the photo is a hydrocyclone for the concentration and purification of cassava starch.
This visit took 4 days in our factory and office, and we are very satisfied. Finally, they signed a contract with us to purchase a cassava starch processing plant. Today, our engineers are helping them build factories in South Africa.
Brief introduction of the factory cassava starch processing plant:
The technical process is:
Fresh cassava-cassava cleaning and washing-grinding-starch extraction-filtration and desander-starch concentration and purification-dehydration-drying
The main equipment used in the cassava starch processing plant:
Cassava cage cleaning machine-cutting machine-roving frame-centrifugal screen machine-fine fiber screen-disc separator-hydrocyclone-vacuum dehydration-starch air dryer

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