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10TPD Sweet Potato Starch Processing Plant Project

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10TPD Sweet Potato Starch Processing Plant Project

The 10TPD sweet potato starch processing plant is a construction project in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China. A complete starch machine from design, manufacturing to delivery. The construction started in May 2017. In October of the same year, the test driven by the sweet potato starch processing plant was successful. Fully sealed processing technology adopts the latest advanced technology in the world, which can prevent starch processing in the air without pollution and maintain the quality of final starch. Our starch machine is made of better materials and has a long service life. The processing system is automatically controlled by the PC + PLC control system.
The main equipment is: paddle cleaning machine, cutting machine, knife sharpener, centrifugal screen, hydrocyclone, vacuum filter, starch air dryer.
After this Xinxiang customer visited our factory, we designed process solutions for them, and then they signed a contract with our company. The manufacturing cost of these sweet potato starch processing machines was nearly three months, and then they were delivered from our factory. Our company sent special Installation team to Xinxiang. Together with our customers, we guided the installation of the plant and checked whether these machines can work smoothly and stably. At the same time, our engineers trained workers how to operate all these sweet potato starch processing machines. This completes the Xinxiang sweet potato starch processing project.
In sweet potato, the starch content is 10%-30%. Fresh sweet potato has a higher starch content, which is a good material for processing starch. Sweet potato starch is processed such as vermicelli, vermicelli, sweet potato balls and so on. On the other hand, the demand for sweet potato starch in the Chinese market alone now exceeds 100,000 tons, and the processing capacity is far less than this amount. The demand is also increasing. The added value of sweet potato starch processing space is large, so we can I believe that the sweet potato starch processing plant is a good project.

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