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Tanzanian cassava flour processing plant general contracting project

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Tanzanian cassava flour processing plant general contracting project

In 2018, the cassava flour processing plant project in Tanzania was successfully installed. From the equipment manufacturing and delivery to the successful installation project, the project took more than a year. Now the cassava flour processing plant has been successfully put into operation.
Tanzanian customers have their own cassava plantations in Tanzania. He is keenly aware of the business opportunities in cassava processing and believes that it is profitable to carry out the cassava flour processing plant project. He contacted us through our website in early 2017. After understanding the equipment required for cassava processing, the approximate price of the equipment and the required factory area, he began to actively prepare funds and factories.
After comprehensively comparing the price of cassava flour processing equipment, equipment operating costs, processing technology, energy consumption, water consumption and electricity consumption, the customer chose to cooperate with him for the cassava flour processing plant project. The cassava flour processing equipment is mainly made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable, with high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, small footprint, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and good quality of finished products. After the customer visited our factory in person, he confirmed the cooperation with us.
In January 2017, customers contacted us through the website.
In May 2017, the customer visited our factory and signed a contract with us.
The equipment was produced from Qingdao Port and shipped to Tanzania in July 2017.
In November 2017, engineers were arranged to go to Tanzania to be responsible for equipment installation, commissioning and operator training.
In January 2018, the equipment installation was completed and the cassava flour processing plant project was successfully put into operation.
According to FAO statistics, Tanzania produced 5.4 million tons of cassava in 2012, making it the 12th largest producer of cassava in the world and the sixth largest producer of cassava in Africa, after Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ghana. , Angola and Mozambique. In Tanzania, Tanzania has been cooperating with China to build a cassava pilot project, which will increase Tanzania’s cassava output from the current 5 million tons per year to 20 million tons in five years, and to 40 million tons in ten years. Therefore, the project to develop a cassava flour processing plant in Tanzania is promising.
Machinery specializes in cassava deep processing projects, providing cassava processing equipment design and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, factory design and old factory transformation services. If you are interested in the projects of the cassava flour processing plant, please contact us.

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