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Pakistan Potato Starch Project Report

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Pakistan Potato Starch Project Report
In May 2017, we obtained a potato starch production warehouse from a Pakistanian customer. His capacity requirement is an annual capacity of 30,000 tons. At first, he asked how many raw potatoes would be needed to produce one ton of potato starch powder. Our answer is that to produce one ton of potato starch powder, about 6-10 tons of raw potatoes are needed, and this amount varies with the type of potato. If you want to start the potato starch project, you can use it as a reference. The following are photos of the Pakistanian potato starch project and production process:
Potato starch is widely used in textile oil feed and food industries, especially in the domestic and foreign food markets in recent years, the demand for high-precision potato starch has increased sharply, and potato starch has other irreplaceable natural properties, making it the first choice. In terms of products, the potato starch project has a broad market in domestic and foreign engineering industries. The market prospect of the potato starch project looks good.
For our potato starch machine factory, we use the latest European cyclone separation technology to extract starch from sweet potatoes or potatoes to ensure that the quality of the final starch reaches Class A.
The following is the factory introduction of potato starch processing machine:
(1) Raw material receiving unit: Usually, we will equip a hopper for receiving potatoes or sweet potatoes.
(2) The stone-removing and washing device of the potato starch processing machine factory: the potatoes are transferred to the spiral stone-removing machine for water flow cleaning, and the washed potatoes fall on the inspection conveyor belt equipped with nozzles to clean the surface of the potatoes. Workers can manually take out rotten potatoes, wooden and plastic products.
(3) Flour mill: Flour mill is the most important step for extracting potato starch. We can use a hammer mill or wood mill to grind potatoes and extract starch.
(4) The centrifugal extraction device of the potato starch processing machine factory: transfer the mixture to a three-stage centrifugal sieve, and each sieve is operated by a fiber pump and a defoaming pump. The mixture enters each sieve to separate residue and starch. After three steps of continuous washing and separation, the filtrate is sent to the concentration and refining device, and the residue is sent to the residue dehydration device.
(5) Desanding device of potato starch processing machine factory: The starch milk is transported to the degreasing cyclone through the fiber pump. The hydrocyclone divides the milk into two parts: the light part containing the mixture of starch and residue will be discharged from the top of the cyclone separator, and the heavy part containing the sand will be discharged from the system.
(6) The starch concentration and refining device of the potato starch processing machine factory: the starch milk enters the 18 stages of the refined hydrocyclone, and the fresh water enters the cyclone separator from the end of the system. First, the starch milk is pumped to 3 concentration units to remove water, and then the coagulated starch milk is sent to the next 13 washing units, and the overflow enters the other 2 stages of recycling units to treat the starch Recirculate. Most of the fiber-containing wastewater is discharged out of the process, and only a small portion is returned to the process water system. Finally, pump the coagulated starch slurry into the starch slurry storage tank.
(7) The vacuum dehydration device of the potato starch processing machine factory: pump the starch slurry into the feed tank of the vacuum dehydrator. Then the vacuum drum absorbs the starch on the surface of the drum, and the filtrate is transferred out of the system through the filtrate pump. The filter cake on the drum will be peeled off by the peeler, and then transferred to the air dryer by the screw conveyor.
(8) Air drying unit: After the dehydration process, the air dryer will dry the starch to the moisture required for commercial starch. Our dryer is a professional product of starch dryer, which can dry starch at 45℃ to ensure the good quality of potato starch.
(9) Packing unit: Pack the potato starch into the specified weight and store it.

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