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These typical cassava harvesters machine are worth recommending

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Cassava is one of the important crops in the world. It has strong survivability and can be grown on inferior soil without competing for land with food. In addition, the cassava yield is high and the starch content of fresh potato tubers reaches 24% to 32%, which is known as the "king of starch" and "underground granary". When food shortages occur or grain prices are high, cassava can be used as an emergency crop, which is of great significance to food security. In addition, cassava is an important industrial raw material in China. Cassava roots are widely used, with long industrial chains, high comprehensive benefits and good development prospects.
China's annual cassava planting area is about 291,000 hm2, mainly distributed in Guangdong and Guangxi. A large amount of labor is required in traditional cassava production operations, of which the planting and harvesting links account for 12% and 61% of cassava production operations, respectively. The cassava production process includes four stages of land preparation, planting, field management, and harvesting. Among them, the land preparation machinery, planting machinery, plant protection machinery, and cassava stalk crushing machinery technology are mature, which have basically met the demand for use, and have reduced the labor burden of farmers to a certain extent. , Reducing labor costs in cassava production, but cassava root harvesting machinery still cannot meet the demand for use.
At present, the commonly used models in cassava root harvesting operations at home and abroad can be divided into digging type, pulling type, combined digging and pulling type and digging-lifting chain jitter separation type according to the mining principle. Africa is the main cassava production area, but the foundation of African agricultural machinery is weak. Most of them are harvesting cassava by hand or using simple mining tools.
Brazil has the highest degree of mechanization of cassava production, followed by Thailand. Most of the models widely used by cassava-growing countries come from Brazil. Brazil's cassava combined harvesting machine has been put into cassava production operations, and it can complete the multi-step operations such as digging, gripping and conveying, potato stem separation and soil removal collection in one go, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs. This type of model is generally large in size and large in quality, and it is mostly used for high-power tractors.
The cassava plantation plots in China are scattered, and most of the equipment adopts 3-point hanging operation, and the operating environment is complicated. When the machine is operating on a soil with heavy soil, weeds, or high stalk coverage, it is prone to problems such as weeds, stalk entanglement or choking, large resistance, insufficient digging depth, and large harvest damage. Foreign mature machines Many types cannot be applied to China's planting situation.
Most of the cassava harvesting models in China draw on other cassava harvesting models, most of which are excavation and excavation-lifting chain jitter separation, which have the disadvantages of poor adaptability, severe damage, and high harvest costs, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of cassava harvest. How to develop a model suitable for China's cassava harvest is worth thinking about.
The digging cassava harvester uses a digging shovel to break the connection between potato blocks and soil, and then manually picks, cuts, and bags. It is suitable for harvesting ridge cultivation and potato blocks growing densely. This type of machine has simple structure, low manufacturing cost, high strength, good machine adaptability, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, and is widely used in China.

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