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technical specifications for cassava processing machines made in china pdf

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technical specifications for cassava processing machine made in china pdf-cassava starch production process
Fresh cassava ingredients:
After weighing, the cassava is transported outside the storage tank. First, it removes stones and sand from the tapioca starch production process through a shaker. The pre-cleaned cassava then falls on a belt conveyor, enters a storage tank, and is then taken away by truck.
Cassava cleaning and conveying machine:
The outlet of the storage tank is a water conveyance channel. Cassava will be hydraulically fed into the stoner. At the same time, the rolling and rubbing during the tapioca starch production process will once again remove the remaining sand and dirt.
Stone removal and cleaning machine:
The cassava is transferred to a spiral stoner for cleaning by water flow. Small sand and dirt passed through the rotary sieve, and then encountered larger size dirt, which was stopped and returned to the entrance of the stone machine. During the production of cassava starch, most of the sand and soil are removed from the stone removal machine. Cassava then enters a rotary cleaner to further remove dirt and debris. The cleaned cassava falls on an inspection conveyor equipped with a nozzle for cleaning the surface of the cassava. Workers can manually remove rotten cassava, wood and plastic products. An iron remover was installed at the end of the conveyor belt to remove metal impurities, and then the cassava was transported to the temporary warehouse by a bulk elevator.
Cassava crushing machine:
The crushing unit is the most important step in the cassava starch production process. The feed screw transports the clean cassava into the crusher. An efficient crusher can release up to the starch in cassava.
Desanding machine:
After crushing, the starch milk is transferred to a sand remover. During this cassava starch production process, the sand separator divides the milk into two parts: the light part containing the mixture of starch and residue will be discharged from the top of the cyclone, and the heavy part containing sand will be discharged from the cyclone. . system.
Centrifugal extraction machine for cassava starch:
The mixture is transferred to a three-stage centrifugal sieve, and each screen is operated by a fiber pump and a defoaming pump. This mixture enters each screen to separate the residue and starch during the tapioca starch production process. After three steps of continuous washing and separation, the filtrate is sent to a concentration and purification device, and the residue is sent to a residue dehydration device.

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