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How to make starch from tapioca with modern tapioca starch processing machine

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How to make starch from tapioca with modern tapioca starch machine
SIDA uses the latest wet processing technology to extract starch from cassava using modern tapioca starch machines, thereby shortening the extraction time of the finished product and improving the starch quality. The whole production line of modern tapioca starch machine is mainly composed of three parts: raw material cleaning, tapioca processing and starch drying part.
The first step in the production of various cassava is to clean the raw materials. In the cleaning process, the modern tapioca machines we use are dry sifters and paddle washing machines. The dry sieve completes the first step of cleaning to remove attached impurities such as sand, stones, weeds, etc. After that, the paddle washing machine completes the second cleaning process and thoroughly cleans the cassava tubers in the form of countercurrent water.
After washing the unprocessed cassava tubers, enter the processing section, where the starch granules should be separated by physical methods. The modern tapioca starch machines used in this section are cutting machines, rasps, centrifugal screens, sand removal and hydrocyclones. The cutting machine and sandpaper machine are composed of two-step crushing, which can ensure a high crushing coefficient and release as much starch as possible. Then there is the removal and precipitation of impurities
The powder refining process includes three steps: 1) Centrifugal sieving fiber. 2) Desander removes sand and debris; 3) Hydrocyclone station separates protein and cell fluid, and concentrates to the required density.
After obtaining the desired density of starch slurry, the next part is to remove excess water. In this section, the modern tapioca machines used for dewatering and drying are peeler centrifuges and fast dryers. The peeling centrifuge first dewaters the starch slurry to obtain wet starch powder with a moisture content of about 40%. The wet starch is then sent to a rapid dryer, and then dried into starch with a moisture content of 12-14%.
The above is a brief introduction of modern tapioca starch machine. In summary, the steps of making starch from cassava with a modern tapioca starch machine are: washing, washing, cutting, crushing, fiber and protein separation, degreasing, dehydration and drying. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.
Cassava is a multi-purpose food crop that can be widely processed into starch, flour, gari, fufu, cassava chips, etc. With the increasing demand for cassava starch in the international market, more and more investors choose to make cassava starch to obtain more profits. But how to make starch from tapioca with modern tapioca starch machine?

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