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How to choose manufacturer of cassava processing machine

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How to choose manufacturer of cassava processing machine?
How to choose a manufacturer of cassava processing machine is particularly important. If you encounter difficulties in selecting suppliers, I hope this article can provide you with some reference ideas. As an investor, you should also consider price, performance, etc. The more details you consider in the early stages, the smoother the later work. If you are interested in our machines and want to know more about our
Companies and projects, please contact us for further discussion.
1. Consider cassava processing technology
Cassava processing technology is the key to ensuring the quality of finished products. For example, we have adopted the world's latest wet processing technology on the cassava flour production line, without the need for a cassava peeling machine. We all know that the peeling machine cannot achieve 100% peeling rate and will cause waste. Our latest cassava flour processing technology does not require a cassava peeling machine. We use an advanced masher to cassava
Completely crushed, which can not only increase the yield of cassava flour, but also ensure that the produced cassava flour is finer and of better quality.
2. Pay attention to the manufacturer's pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service
Since the cassava processing project involves equipment installation, personnel operation, machine failure, maintenance and other issues in the production process, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with a perfect service mechanism. Such a cassava processing machine manufacturer can provide you with a comprehensive service of equipment selection, factory design, installation, operator training, equipment test operation and maintenance services. More importantly, after-sales
service. Solve service problems such as time difference, communication, and shortage of local spare parts.
SDA has a complete service system and can provide all the above services. In addition, our company has a branch and warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria, which can provide the greatest support and best after-sales service to Nigerian and even all African customers.
3. Refer to previously installed items
This is very important for investors in new businesses. On the one hand, you can learn more experience from it, on the other hand, you can query the device status. For example, we can introduce our tapioca starch project in Indonesia, the tapioca flour project in Tanzania and the Gary processing plant in Nigeria.
4. Consider the processing scale of the equipment manufacturer
Large factories have rich production experience and can manufacture high-quality cassava processing machines. With advanced technology and perfect production technology, manufacturers can ensure equipment quality and delivery time.
As a professional  cassava processing starch machines manufacturer, SDA has more than 30 years of experience in the production of cassava flour processing equipment. We have our own factory, professional engineer team, professional welder and professional equipment manufacturing team, thus ensuring the quality of equipment and timely delivery.

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