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How to open a GARRI processing factory in Nigeria

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How to open a GARRI processing factory in Nigeria?
High-quality GARRI processing machines will help reduce maintenance costs. SDA’s GARRI processing machines mainly include dry sieving-paddle cleaning machine-cassava peeling machine-cassava grater-hydraulic-GARRI fryer-GARRI screening machine.
The production process of arri processing:
1. Clean and wash cassava tubers
2. Peel the cassava
3. Chop the cassava into a paste/pulp
4. Put the mashed cassava into a bag or tank for fermentation
5. Press dehydration to get cassava mashed potato cake
6. Break down the cake and deep-fry to get GARRI products
7. GARRI sieving to obtain uniform fineness
8. Pack and sell
GARRI (Garri) is one of Nigeria's main edible foods and is very popular among people. This makes GARRI production a very promising market. But for most people with little experience in GARRI processing business, how can they get an easy way to open a GARRI factory in Nigeria? This article will provide you with a brief introduction and guidance.
The first is raw materials.
You should ensure sufficient fresh cassava tubers. This is the basic requirement for opening a GARRI factory in Nigeria. If you have your own farmland, it might be great. Because it can help you reduce the cost of buying tubers. However, if you don’t have a farm, you can establish contact with some cassava plantations or farmers’ organizations, which can sign a contract with you during the operation of the plant
Provide raw materials.
The second is to purchase land to build a GARRI processing plant.
The factory should be close to the raw materials and easy to transport. In addition, it should have available water and electricity. For the GARRI production in the GARRI processing plant, water must be added during the washing and peeling process. Sufficient water source can ensure good cleaning of cassava raw materials, thereby improving the quality of final g. For electricity, first determine whether the utility power is available and stable. Secondly, you can consider buying firewood
Oil generator, this diesel generator can come in handy when power is short.
Last but not least, you should buy a g-making machine that participates in the production of arri.
SDA has already carried out some projects in Nigeria and other African countries. We can provide you with professional advice on how to open a GARRI factory and choose equipment in Nigeria.

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