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Plate frame filter press

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Plate frame filter press-how to make brown rice syrup-glucose syrup 43 machine mini-how to prepqre glucose syrup
Function of plate and frame filter press:
Residue separation and drying: the liquefied material enters the filter press for separation. The residue is then washed with process water to recover the glucose. After washing, the residue is sent to the bale dryer for reg drying
how to make brown rice syrup
Parameters of plate and frame filter press
Model output/m³ powder/ KW
GS-20 80 3 thermal stability polypropylene
GS-30 100 3 thermally stable polypropylene
GS-50 120 4 thermal stability polypropylene
GS-100 150 5.5 Thermally stable polypropylene
Application of plate and frame filter press
(1) Corn syrup production line
(2) Rice glucose syrup production line
(3) Wheat glucose syrup production line

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