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syrup liquefaction

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liquefaction-how to make corn syrup with corn flour-how to make corn syrup-how corn syrup is made
how to make corn syrup
Fructose Syrup
It is mainly composed of glucose and fructose. The liquid is clear, transparent, mild and pure, with a malt aroma, has many advantages such as high boiling temperature, low freezing point, anti-crystallization, etc., good fluidity at room temperature, and easy to use. It is a colorless, transparent and viscous liquid sugar obtained by enzymatic saccharification of starch, which can partially or even completely replace sucrose in beverage production and food processing.
According to different raw materials, it can be divided into corn syrup and Jerusalem artichoke syrup (Helianthus tuberosus is also called Jerusalem artichoke). Fructose syrup includes corn syrup, and corn syrup has the largest output. According to the sugar content, it can be divided into low invert syrup, medium invert syrup, and high invert syrup (high fructose syrup).
Liquefaction refers to the process by which a substance changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state, which releases heat to the outside world. There are two ways to achieve liquefaction, one is to reduce the temperature, and the other is to compress the volume. The critical temperature is the highest temperature at which a gas can liquefy. Generally, the volume of the gas after liquefaction becomes several thousandths of its original volume, which is convenient for storage and transportation. Therefore, in reality, some gases (such as ammonia and natural gas) are usually liquefied. Due to the high critical point of these two gases, Therefore, it can become a liquid when pressurized at normal temperature, and some other gases such as hydrogen and nitrogen have a very low critical point. Deep cooling must be performed while pressurizing, which is called liquefaction.
Description of Liquefaction:
Flour and milk are liquefied in a jet steamer by liquefying enzymes. Then the material is sent to the flash tank and liquefaction tower for cooling and liquefaction.
Liquefaction parameters:
Model output/m³ powder/ KW
GS-20 1.2 4 stainless steel with heat insulation material
GS-30 1.6 5.5 stainless steel with insulation
GS-50 3 7.5 Stainless steel with heat insulation material
GS-100 4.6 11 stainless steel with heat insulation material
Application of Liquefaction
(1) Corn glucose syrup production line
(2) Rice glucose syrup production line
(3) Wheat glucose syrup production line

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