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Spray liquefied system

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Maltose syrup Spray liquefaction system-Glucose syrup Spray liquefied system-how is corn syrup made-how to make rice syrup
Corn syrup production line
Corn syrup is often used in jams and jellies to prevent the crystallization of sugar. High malt has good foamability, so it is also widely used in bread, cakes, and beer. It is also widely used in candy, beverages, etc. Food, frozen food, condiments and other fields. In addition, high maltose syrup does not depend on the metabolism of human pancreatic islets, the blood sugar rises slowly, and the calorie is low. It has certain health care functions for cardiovascular patients, diabetics and obese people.
Corn starch milk is used as the raw material, converted into glucose by the double enzyme method, and then processed by slag removal, decolorization, ion exchange resin desalination, etc., and then refined through the processes of concentration, crystallization, separation, dehydration and drying.
Introduction of spray liquefaction system
After the biological reaction is pumped to the liquefaction process by a pump, the corn flour is regularly sprayed at high temperature, and the corn flour and rice flour will be transferred to the glucose syrup.
Technical parameters of spray liquefaction system
Model size/ m3 power/ KW
GS-20 15 3 stainless steel with heat insulation material
GS-30 23 3 stainless steel with insulation
GS-50 37 3 stainless steel with heat insulation material
GS-100 60 4 stainless steel with heat insulation material
The spray liquefaction system can be applied to the following glucose syrup production lines:
(1) Corn syrup production line
(2) Rice glucose syrup production line
(3) Wheat glucose syrup production line

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