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Running test of cassava flour processing machine in Tanzania

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This is a cassava flour processing machine installation project completed by our company in Tanzania, which was completed at the end of 2018. It shows you the cassava transportation, cassava washing, washing and peeling process of the cassava flour processing plant, which mainly includes three cassava flour processing machines: dry sieve, paddle washing machine and cassava peeling machine.
The three different types of cassava washing machines are: dry screen, paddle washing machine and cassava peeling machine. They can not only increase the processing speed of cassava, but also increase the quality of cassava starch, cassava flour and high quality.
Dry sieve
The dry screen adopts a variety of internal spiral structure designs. Due to its special design, the cassava is pushed forward after entering the dry sieve. During the advancing process, the cassava will dry the inner spiral of the sieve to remove impurities attached to the surface of the cassava.
Paddle washing machine
The paddle washing machine adopts the principle of countercurrent washing. Driven by the rotor blades, the water in the cleaning tank will move in the opposite direction to the tapioca. In this process, the blade and the cassava will rub against each other, thereby effectively removing the dirt, sand and other impurities attached to the cassava.
Cassava peeling machine
The function of the cassava peeler is to remove the outer skin and lower skin of the cassava, reduce the impurities of the cassava, and make the cassava easier to process.
Under the guidance of professional engineers, the cassava flour processing machine was installed smoothly. Three cassava flour processing machines are under trial. At the end of the video, you can see that the peeling rate of cassava after processing by the cassava flour processing machine exceeds 95%. Only a few people are needed for the whole process.
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