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Highly automated potato starch processing machine in production line

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Highly automated potato starch processing machine in production line-poly lactic acid production from potato starch process flow diagram
Highly automated potato starch processing machine in the production line
The potato starch processing machine successfully runs in the potato starch processing plant. The potato starch processing plant is large in scale and the potato raw materials are sufficient. Therefore, the customer sought a large potato starch production line from our company.
Our company customized fully automatic potato starch production line according to customer requirements. The potato starch processing machines in the production line include dry screens, rotary washing machines, wood mills, centrifugal screens, fine fiber screens, cyclones, vacuum filters, flash dryers, vibrating screens and packaging machines. The operation of these machines is controlled by an automatic control system and monitored by a computer. Therefore, the production speed is fast and the potato starch purity is high.
Not only provide customers with high-quality potato starch processing machines, but also provide customers with complete after-sales service, that is, factory layout, machine installation guidance and machine maintenance, until the customer's potato starch production line is successfully passed.
A sincere and responsible supplier of potato starch processing machinery. Therefore, if you need, please contact us.

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