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Is garri business profitable

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Is garri's business profitable?
GARRI is the staple food of many cassava growing countries in Nigeria and Africa. In Nigeria alone, the population is close to 150 million. A large population brings more profits. The profit is far beyond your imagination. So the answer is obvious, garri business is profitable.
1. Food is a basic human need. Garri is the basic food that Africans need to eat every day. The Nigerian market shows that the price of garri can be between 600 and 800 US dollars per ton. If people produce higher quality garri, they can sell it at a higher price.
Our Gary processing machine in SDA can process 3 tons of cassava into 1 ton of Gary. Therefore, if we produce 1 ton of cassava, we can make a profit within 1 ton, as follows:
The selling price is about 600 USD/ton and the net profit is 230 USD/ton.
Note: The above data is for reference only, and the cost depends on local conditions.
2. There are cassava cultivation everywhere in Nigeria, because temperature, humidity and weather are very suitable for cassava cultivation. Therefore, the raw materials are very abundant and cheap, which will save people from worrying about supply. You can sell at a good price and get cheap raw materials, which is profitable and can bring you more profits.
3. Nigeria's labor cost is low.
4. Now, the Nigerian local government is encouraging people to engage in garri processing business. African governments have invested a lot of energy in agriculture, especially in cassava processing. There are many good government policies, such as lower bank loan interest and cheap land. This will ensure that the cassava processing market is getting better and better.
In short, whether it is based on customer feedback or understanding of the actual situation, garri is a very profitable industry. The sooner you start the Garil processing business, the better, and you will get more profits from it. Welcome to choose us as your reliable garri processing machine supplier and start your Garri business.

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