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how to process cassava starch making into pudding

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Milk pudding is a new type of dairy product with delicate taste, sweet and smooth, rich milk flavor, unique flavor and semi-solid state. Its tissue state is similar to jelly but nutrient is not comparable to jelly. It is not only a children's food, but also a new type of dairy product suitable for white-collar workers and middle-aged and elderly people, which is both nutritious, healthy and in line with social fashion. Therefore, its research and development will not only greatly enrich the dairy market, but also drive the further increase in the per capita consumption of dairy products in my country, and the market prospects are very optimistic. Among them, pudding made with tapioca starch as the main raw material is cassava cloth
Preparation process of cassava pudding
Cassava starch, sugar, whole milk and other raw materials → mix → adjust pH to 7.0 → stir → heat to 95 °C → water bath at 95 °C for 30 min → place at room temperature → test.
Mix cassava starch, sugar and whole milk with fresh milk, the mass fraction of cassava starch is 6%, and the mass fraction of sugar (glucose, sucrose, maltose, galactooligosaccharides, isomaltose, maltose syrup) is 2%, 4%, 8% and 16%, add bicarbonate buffer to adjust the pH to 7.0, heat to 95°C while stirring, keep the water bath at a constant temperature for 30 min, and remove it to obtain the finished cassava pudding.

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